About Us

Nestled in the heart of South Central Pennsylvania, Biser Farms is a family-owned and operated dairy farm dedicated to providing the highest quality milk and cheese products to its customers. While dairy farming is hard work that requires dedication, there are many rewards one of which is producing a quality product for the American marketplace.


At Biser Farms, the Biser family gets to spend their time with the animals they love while working with their friends and families to craft the best diary product possible. The Biser family takes great pride in knowing the work they do matters to their loyal client-base.


Purveyors of fine milk and cheese, the Biser Family products have until just recently only been available to clients within the PA, MD and DE markets. With the emergence of the family's online store and Internet presence, however, families nationwide may now enjoy what many in South-Central PA have come recognize as one of the areas best produced cheeses.